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As an independent distributor of air compression equipment, service, and systems solutions, IAC now represents multiple internationally known and well positioned manufacturers and suppliers of compressed air equipment, controls, piping/ installation materials, and service parts to design, engineer, install, commission, service and manage your compressed air system over the lifetime of your application.

Picture of service technicians inside industrial plant

We are unique to other distributors and company stores in our market as we are not aligned with any one brand or supplier. IAC will work with you to select the best products from several sources to build your system, based on an in-depth analysis of your needs. 

How does this benefit you?

I am sure you know that choosing the wrong equipment mix can cause inefficiency, poor quality, unreliability, and overall a high cost of ownership. Our years of experience have taught us that every system is unique and dynamic and made up of multiple pieces of equipment and controls. 

With IAC as a partner you now have the flexibility to choose from multiple manufacturers and suppliers as there is no one manufacturer who is best suited to solve every application. This provides you more options and the ability to attain the best combination of efficiency, reliability, serviceability, long life, rugged designs, and the lowest cost of ownership over time. 

But what about Replacement Parts?

IAC has also aligned itself with OEM quality replacement service parts, filters and fluids for all brand compressors. We work direct to source these items from the same suppliers who supply OEM parts to multiple brands. 

What this means for you is significant cost savings and faster turnaround by sourcing direct. An added bonus is our service technicians are highly trained to work on all brands and have hundreds of years of combined experience.

Finally, Customized Service Agreements are available!

IAC offers customized service agreements to fit every application and need. From a range of basic planned service (and everything in between) to Compressed Air Supply (CAS), where IAC owns the equipment and you pay a fixed monthly fee for your compressed air.

IAC also has the largest rental fleet of portable electric compressors and air treatment equipment in the region, available 24/7.


So, if you are looking for a supplier who offers more equipment options, better service, higher efficiencies and lower cost of ownership, contact us today for a free plant air system walk through.