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Medical Compressed Air

Patton's Medical Air Compressors

Features And Benefits

• Oil-less Scroll technology by Hitachi - Quiet, smooth running, long lasting, proven technology
•Fully compliant with the latest NFPA 99 standards - Easy installation and certification
• HMI display - Accurate performance information, touch screen control, complete service data
• UL listed NEMA 12 control panel - Safe, reliable, easy to service or troubleshoot
• No vibration - No special installation required, quiet, no component failure due to vibration
• Low maintenance - simple filter changes and belt adjustment
• Compact modular design - small footprint, reduced costs for floor space
• Efficient desiccant dryers with integral purge control - low dew points, unaffected by flow conditions, reduced operating costs
•Available with single point connection (SPC) or modular configuration - easy installation, equipment arrangement flexibility

Picture of Patton's Medical Basemount Scroll Compressor