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Vacuum Systems

Industrial Air Centers offers a wide range of vacuum solutions, ranging from small rotary vane, point of use vacuums to central industrial vacuum systems providing down to 29 in. Hg (vacuum). Included in the range of vacuum systems offered are duplex hospital vacuum systems which meet the requirements of NFPA 99 for Healthcare Facilities.

Sullair oil-flooded rotary screw vacuum provide energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for industrial vacuum applications. The air-cooled vacuums require no seal water, even when providing vacuum to 28 in Hg, eliminating water acquisition, treatment, and discharge costs.

Sullair’s constant control system ensures peak performance throughout the vacuum’s operating range.

Sullair HSP Hospital Suction Packages, specifically designed for medical and surgical applications, meet or exceed NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities’ requirements, including circuitry to re-start after a power outage.

Sullair offers oil-flooded rotary screw vacuum units ranging in size from 5 HP to 200 HP and in capacity from 78 ACFM to 3,095 ACFM.

Becker offers dry rotary screw vacuum solutions for industrial vacuum applications. Standard features include:

 VariAir variable speed drive control

 2:1 turndown capacity

 Acoustical Enclosure

 190 to 840 ACFM, 24 in. Hg (Vac) Max

Becker provides vacuum pumps and pre-packaged vacuum systems specifically designed to meet the demands of medical/surgical, general industrial, wood working and dedicated waste systems. Medical/surgical systems meet current NFPA 99 requirements for healthcare facilities.

Aerzen provides German engineering in industrial rotary screw vacuum systems with its VM and VML vacuum units. Aerzen has combined the best of both worlds; rotary screw and rotary lobe vacuum units.

All Airtech Systems are designed and built with each customer’s specific needs in mind. Multiplex systems provide an economical advantage by having smaller pumps with lower horsepower operating in a lead-lag sequence. Only the capacity needed at a particular time will be in operation. A "built-in back-up" is provided as a safety net in case one pump requires service.

Our systems are used in a range industries; surgical, dental, laboratory, environmental remediation, and a variety others. See just a few of our sample systems below.


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