Sullair Spiral Valve

For years, Sullair has offered Spiral Valve (VCC) control on units 60 hp and above for part load energy efficiency and until now the competition has undermined the technology. Sullair distributors can now use CAGI Data sheets to prove to customers the superior energy savings of Spiral Valve technology over other control types.  

CAGI recently asked for a Spiral Valve equipped compressor to test in order to verify the performance claims of this technology. Sullair volunteered a compressor and our unit passed with flying colors.

How Spiral Valve technology works:

As plant demand varies, Sullair controls open precision-machined ports inside the Sullair airend to effectively shorten the length of the compression chamber by rotating the Spiral Valve. This reduces the output and power consumption of the compressor efficiently to match the demand. This control provides great stability and extensive power saving.

At a 70% load profile, Spiral Valve Technology on a 200 HP compressors can save customers $20,000 in Energy savings per year when compared to load/no load controls (based upon $.08/KW). With the average life of a Sullair Compressor of 20 years, that’s a savings of $ 400,000!!

The graph below depicts different control methodology based upon a 200 hp Single Stage Compressor with 1,000 Gallon of storage. As you can see, Spiral Valve technology has very similar power consumption to that of a VSD, but the customer doesn’t have to spend the additional $20,000 for the VSD Controller.

When combining the new Spiral Valve CAGI data sheet and System Wizard Life Cycle Cost Calculator, justifying Sullair Compressors becomes simpler and more effective.

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