Industrial Air Centers' Compressed Air Supply

Compressed Air Supply is another example of the unique and innovative solutions that IAC provides to the industrial compressed air market since 1991.

Compressed Air Supply is IAC's "all-inclusive" service agreement that provides you with compressed air the same way you would pay for a utility.  With Compressed Air Supply, IAC provides the system design, equipment, installation, maintenance, back-up equipment, and bumper-to-bumper warranty for a single monthly fee that does not change for the duration of the agreement.

Compressed Air Supply is the most cost-effective way to provide compressed air to your facility.  Let us show you how.

Key Benefits

 Eliminate the capital cost associated with new equipment
 Reduced energy costs with properly sized and controlled system components
 Fewer demands on plant maintenance resources
 Less downtime
 Predictable compressed air system costs
 Flexible agreements with fair market value purchase option

Contact Information

Vice President (North Region): Steve Briscoe
Phone: 1-877-IACSERV X5006 

Vice President (South Region): David Swinney
Phone: 1-877-IACSERV X1018

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