Industrial Blowers

Industrial Air Centers offers a wide supply of blowers from multiple manufacturers to meet your needs.

Vacuum Blowers

Becker offers a vacuum pump or blower for nearly every application, including oil-less and oil-flooded rotary vane, dry rotary screw, regenerative blowers and radial blowers.

VariAir High Flow/Low Pressure/Low Vacuum Blower

The VariAir includes an integral frequency converter, controlling the blower within pre-determined parameters, ensuring precise process control, ideally suited for pneumatic conveying systems, printing equipment and air knives.

The VariAir unit provides 500 to 1,062 CFM and a maximum vacuum of 23 in w.g. (vacuum).

VariAir Single and Multiple Stage Regenerative Vacuum Blowers

VariAir Regenerative Vacuum Blowers from Becker provide quiet and efficient contact-less vacuum solutions for industrial applications. The units include an integral inlet filter and patented intelligent variable speed drive for precision vacuum control and allow for up to 20:1 turndown capacity.


 Rugged Die-Cast Aluminum Construction
 Cooler Outboard Bearing Design
 TEFC or Explosion-Proof Motors
 UL Recognized
 CE Compliant

Airtech DC Variable Speed Blower


 Maintenance-Free Operation
 Cooler Outboard Bearing Design
 Environmentally Frienly Oil-Free Technology
 Extremely Quiet Operation
 CE Compliant Standard Brushless DC Motors
 Rugged Die Cast Aluminum Construction


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