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Sullair Supervisor Controller on a Legacy Quincy Compressor!

Have an older compressor with electro-mechanical control? Have a PLC or Microprocessor that has gone bad? The picture attached is an example of how the IAC Air Compression Service Group was able to install a new Sullair Supervisor Controller microprocessor onto a 300 HP Quincy compressor at a fraction of the price of a new compressor...continue reading >

Posted December 30th, 2016

Sullair's Spiral Valve Technology

For years, Sullair has offered Spiral Valve (VCC) control on units 60 hp and above for part load energy efficiency and until now the competition has undermined the technology...continue reading>

Posted September 13th, 2016

Why Clean Dry Air Is Important

Water jeopardizes everything you want your compressed air system to do.  It ruins product and fouls more>

Posted July 22nd, 2016

Jim Raftery Of IAC Now An AIRMaster+ Specialist!

Last month, Jim went to North Carolina to take the US Department of Energy AIRMaster+ Qualified Specialist program. This is rigorous program with 3 full days of instruction and a 4 hour exam.  System experts from this small group will be the first to be called on for the ISO Certified Practitioner for Compressed Air Systems program currently being developed.  Certified Practitioners will be required to perform audits at facilities in order for companies to achieve the ISO 50001 Energy Management certification, something that will become more focused in the upcoming years.

Posted Decemeber 31st, 2013

Heat Recovery:  It's There, Why Not Use It?

In our experience, most plants are letting one of the best energy saving benefits of compressors fly out the window.  The heat level inside of a compressor room is typically a challenge to keep under control.  If the compressor room gets too hot, it can play havoc with your equipment.  Air cooled compressors typically run discharge temperatures of 100-110°F above full article>

Posted October 19th, 2013

Indianapolis Open House Was A Hit!

Wow what a great event!  If you were not able to make it to our open house in Indianapolis this year please plan to be at the next one, you missed a great event.  The turnout was excellent and customers were able to peruse our jam packed showroom that included new and exciting products from Sullair, Hitachi, Parker, FS Curtis, Airleader, AST and many more.  Congratulations to all the winners of our great prizes!  To view more photos and see the winners read more>

Posted October 15th, 2013

Managing Leaks In Your Compressor System

Air compressors are the largest energy consumers in the typical manufacturing plant.  Any reductions in demand on the compressed air system can result in real savings to the bottom line.  Compressed air leaks are a prime opportunity for low hanging fruit when looking to reduce compressed air demand.  Compressed air is one of the most expensive “utilities” in your plant and is often the most overlooked in regards to potential energy more>

Posted October 9th, 2013


Sullair Goes NASCAR!

If Speedweeks is delayed by rain, NASCAR is planning that those delays are a fraction of what they were last year. On Tuesday, the sanctioning body introduced its new system to dry tracks called the Air Titan, saying that the system can dry a track in considerably less time than the jet dryers that have been in full article>

Posted September 25th, 2013

IAC Team Members Participate In Run 4 Recovery

Associates from Industrial Air Centers, Inc. came out to race to support The Serenity House of Jeffersonville.  All proceeds went to benefit this wonderful charity, we are very proud of our team members...more photos>

Posted September 7th, 2013


IAC Participates In Kosair Charities & Ford, JDRF Fundraiser Golf Scrambles

Ford, JDRF Fundraiser Golf Scramble


The 2014 Pam Miller Memorial Golf Scramble raised more than $12,000 for Kosair kids...more>


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