Energy Audits

What do you have to do to improve your system performance, reliability, efficiency and control?

The first step is to baseline your existing system.  You can make improvements, but without a baseline analysis, your efforts may go unnoticed. IAC recommends a complete system air audit for this step.IAC has Certified U.S. Department of Energy AIRMaster+ Specialists on staff.  Our audits and assessments are performed according to the principles and guidelines put in place by the Compressed Air Challenge ( and from the U.S. Department of Energy (


Our goal for performing compressed air assessments and audits is to provide tremendously accurate results to save plant facilities thousands of dollars a year and to assist plant personnel with critical information for the decisions pertaining to future growth and efficiency.  In order to provide this information, we use these base guidelines:

1. Document compressed air current costs.
2. Identify the range of flow rates experienced.
3. Document pressure variation throughout the plant.
4. Evaluate resulting compressor loading, part-load and unloading patterns.
5. Identify problems and root causes.
6. Evaluate options for improvements & cost savings.

Typically, the specific goals change from site to site depending on expectations and goals set by the customers which are determined in a preliminary "walk-through" meeting with our Compressed Air System Auditor.  We specialize in analyzing and transposing the data into a report that you can understand and use to your benefit.  We take pride in our work and give you our analysis backed by proof which includes graphs, tables and actual data.  Upon completion of the audit or assessment, we will schedule a meeting to go through the audit results with you.

Please contact us for more information or a personal visit from one of our System Specialists.


Contact Information

Vice President (North Region): Steve Briscoe
Phone: 1-877-IACSERV X 5006 

Vice President (South Region): David Swinney
Phone: 1-877-IACSERV X1018

Audit Facts:

FACT:Compressed air systems are typically the largest consumer of electricity in a plant
FACT:Every year, it could costs you up to 300% more money to run your compressor than it did to purchase it
FACT:Compressed air energy audits contain HARD FACT DATA regarding your air system that can pinpoint problems, which in the long run will save you money

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