Sullair Supervisor Controller on a Legacy Quincy Compressor!

Have an older compressor with electro-mechanical control? Have a PLC or Microprocessor that has gone bad? The picture attached is an example of how the IAC Air Compression Service Group was able to install a new Sullair Supervisor Controller microprocessor onto a 300 HP Quincy compressor at a fraction of the price of a new compressor. This allowed our customer to continue using their existing compressor and gain compressor control familiarity for the maintenance crew who were already familiar with Sullair controllers. This new microprocessor has a built in troubleshooting guide, maintenance tracking, sequencing capabilities up to 16 compressors, MODBUS and many more functions not previously available to our customer. In addition, this change made tying to their Airleader Compressor Management System simple. If you are interested in updating your compressor's controls, please do not hesitate to contact us. This might not be the best solution to your specific need, however, we have many custom options available to review.

Contact Information

Vice President (North Region): Steve Briscoe
Phone: 1-877-IACSERV X 5006 

Vice President (South Region): David Swinney
Phone: 1-877-IACSERV X1018